Lovely Balcony Garden Ideas for Your Narrow Space at Home

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Creating a garden does not need a large yard. You can use a narrow balcony to create a beautiful garden in your home. If you are interested in using a balcony at home, there are balcony garden ideas that you can make at home.

Lovely Balcony Garden Ideas

Here are some creative ideas to make a small garden on your narrow balcony. Just find the best.

  1. Rail Balcony Garden Bed
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If you only have a narrow balcony at home, you can still create a beautiful garden. You do it by putting various flowers on the rails or hanging them.

For ornamental plants or flowers, choose seasonal ones with colorful flowers. This creative balcony garden idea will add to the beautiful atmosphere.

  1. Minimalist Freestanding Container
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You can still be creative in making a garden on a small balcony. A minimalist house does not prevent you from realizing a narrow balcony garden idea.

You can take advantage of a container filled with plants such as palm trees. To add an artistic touch, place the container in a free-standing position.

  1. Tin Can Planters
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An easy way to realize a unique balcony garden idea is to use used cans for planting on your narrow balcony.

For ornamental plants, using tin can planters are herbal plants with shallow roots such as basil.

Hang used tin containers on the balcony railing with ropes for the position.

  1. Metal Staircase Stand
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To realize the idea of a balcony garden, you can also take advantage of a metal staircase stand placed on your balcony.

There are many choices of models and sizes according to the type of plant you want to grow.

This medium is perfect for those who have a small balcony but still want a beautiful garden.

  1. Wood Planter Box
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You can still use scrap wood to make decorative planting boxes. This wooden box will look natural if placed on your minimalist balcony.

Some plants suitable for filling this wood planter box include herbs (mint, basil, etc.). Feel the difference with the fresh mint aroma.

Are you interested in balcony garden ideas? Don’t waste the balcony space in your home. Immediately use it for an enchanting garden.

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