Innovative DIY Strawberry Planter Idea At Home

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Strawberries are one of the gardeners’ favorite fruit plants because they are easy to plant and live in any medium. This article will briefly review the strawberry planter idea.

There are several ideas for planting strawberries that you can do by taking advantage of the existing limited space at home.

Strawberry Planter Idea

The following are 5 smart DIY strawberry planter ideas for you.

  1. Vertical Tube
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The first strawberry planting idea, you can use a tube with a vertical position.

For tube, planter materials generally use PVC pipe with tools of a drilling machine to make holes in the pipe.

Don’t forget to water the strawberry carefully.

  1. Hanging Basket
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Planting strawberries using hanging basket media is very popular now. Here’s a simple strawberry planting idea if you don’t have much space at home.

For the basket, choose a size that can grow many strawberry plants. Do not forget to fill with fertile soil rich in water.

  1. Hanging Cans
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In addition to using hanging baskets, you can also use used cans to grow strawberries in your home.

You can be creative in making used paint cans into a functional suit for growing strawberries.

For those of you who have limited space at home but want to have strawberry plants, you can try hanging cans.

  1. Pallet Planter
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You can use a pallet planter for the planting medium for vines such as strawberries.

Many people use pallets because they are strong and inexpensive. Some growers also declare pallets can increase fruit productivity.

  1. Tower
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You can also do an innovative strawberry planter idea by making a tower. To make a tower you can use plastic pots that are arranged to form a tower.

Many people like this tower plant because it is easy to care for, especially when watering.

For those of you who like gardening, the strawberry planter idea can be your new fun experience. Take advantage of the narrow space in your home. Don’t leave the land empty without meaning.

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