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Play Worms Zone Online Games

We now present you with Worms Zone online for free, a solo game that reminds you of the legendary worm game that everyone knows and loves. We give you the chance to play it directly from your home. Welcome to the Wild Spike. Your worm is still small and it is so hungry and needs a lot of food. Luckily, there are countless kinds of food around it.

Your goal is to help the worm to eat mushrooms, cake, biscuits, sandwiches, pumpkins, kiwis, cheese, and many more. When your worm eats any food, it will grow longer and weigh more.

Bring your worm to eat a lot and make it heavier than any other worm. While you play, you can see the leaderboard in the left corner. Have you seen your name on the list?

Be careful, move so delicately that you don’t hit other worms. If you hit other worms, the game will end.

When your worm hits another worm, there will be a new window showing your worm’s weight and your place in the leaderboard. You can press restart anytime you want and play from the beginning again.

Do you make it fancier? Before starting a game, you can click the Worm’s Wardrobe to customize your worm’s look. Here you can choose an appropriate outfit for your worm.

Use buttons on the left and on the right on the worm to shift the outfit. Confirm your choice with the button available.

On another tab, you can choose the desired color for your worm on a palette. You can choose as many colors as you want at the same time. After that, check another tab on the right to customize the worm’s face.

Let’s start now, shall we?

Game Controls:

Move your mouse and let your worm follow you. If you click your mouse, you will see the worm run faster than previously, so it can eat more food every second.
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