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Play Virus Hit Online Games

No one likes viruses which is why you should play Virus Hit. This game is a fun one because you have to kill the virus by releasing shots. While it sounds like how it works in the real world, this game is enjoyable to kill your free time.

So, why should you play this game? And how’s the gameplay? Here are things you need to know about this game.

This game consists of many levels while each level exposes you to a few difficulty levels. As the game’s name suggests, you will see a virus spinning on the screen which you have to kill.
And to kill the virus, you have to shoot a vaccine on its body. You will get five chances to kill the virus but keep in mind that each shot should’ve not overlapped.

Once you finish a level, you will unlock another level that has a different look of viruses and new challenges to tame. While playing this game, be sure to be precise and patient - don’t forget to have fun too!

Of course, you have to keep playing - and not losing - to unlock all levels of this game.

Game Features

This game is such a perfect thing to play in your free time.
Playing it single-handedly? No problem - all controls are in your finger.
It comes with stunning graphics
Everything you play is free

How to Play

Playing this game is quite effortless because you just need to use your mouse or tap on your screen. There are five syringes of vaccines and you have to shoot it to the virus.
Every click or tap will release a shot to the virus’ body but make sure each shrine won’t overlap each other. Otherwise, you lose. More than anything, Virus Hit is a super-fun game to play.
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