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Play Tennis Master Online Games

Are you aiming to be the next tennis master? Not so fast! Find out and sharpen your tennis skill by winning games in Tennis Master! Tennis Master, A Game with Multiple Fun Modes
A professional tennis player should not back down to challenge, and in Tennis Master, you are one! Play as whoever you want to be, and represent wherever country you want to fight for. Psst, if you are sharp, you will know the names of real pro players in the game.

In Tennis Master, your only task is to beat up your opponent from all around the world in a match. Not only can you win a trophy, but you can also be famous worldwide!

Tennis Master has three different modes:

1 Player Mode. In this mode, you will play against the computer. Before you start, you can choose if you want to participate in a Tournament or a Friendly Match. Both of them consist of three sets.

2 Players Mode. Do you want to play with your friend? This mode makes it possible! Scooch over a little and enjoy a fun game with your friends!

Quick Match. Get a quicker win in this one! This mode is pretty much similar to 1 Player Mode. However, you will only have two sets.

The gameplay in each mode is not quite different. However, you can choose the mode that suits you.

How to Play

First, choose whatever mode you prefer. Remember, if you choose 1 Player Mode, you will have the option to go on a Tournament of Friendly Match.
Second, Choose your player.
Lastly, choose the level of difficulty. There are two different levels, Normal and Hard.

Game Control :

Use the Z and X button on the keyboard to play Tennis Master. You can guide your avatar forward and back by using the left or right arrow buttons.
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