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Play Teeth Runner Online Games

Who says only humans like to brush their teeth? Ogres do too! Help them clean their teeth and make them smile a lot bigger in Teeth Runner! In this game, you are responsible for cleaning the teeth of both humans and ogres. For humans, you can simply use toothpaste to make sure they have clean and bright teeth.

That sounds so easy, right?

However, you should remember that the ogres do not like using toothpaste. Instead, they like to use poop to clean their teeth. So be careful, and use the right toothpaste for each one of them.

You should also watch for those who stick out their tongue. For all you know, they do not want your toothbrush to be near them.

How to Play

Hold the toothbrush, control your toothbrush to get toothpaste or poop, and give them to the humans or ogres.

At each level, you will have a target you need to fulfill. Clean the teeth of both humans and ogres until you pass the number. But don't worry, you will not lose points if you make a mistake. However, if your points do not pass the target, you're gonna have to restart the game, unfortunately.

The difficulty of each level is different. The higher your level is, the trickier it gets. So, make sure you get enough toothpaste or poop for the number of humans or ogres waiting in line.

This kind of runner game requires speed and the ability to think fast. It is a fun game to play anytime and anywhere!
You can play this game on your personal computer or mobile device. If you are using a mobile device, you can play it on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Control

Tap and hold your screen to make the toothbrush down. Release your screen if you want to make the toothbrush go up.
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