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Play Super Buddy Archer Online Games

Welcome to the Super Buddy Archer. Your buddy is a ragdoll who is hung. He desperately needs your help. Below is the sea with a shark ready to eat anything that falls. Therefore, you should save your buddies before they die.

Be careful! You can hurt your buddy if the arrow goes in the wrong direction. You fail the level if your arrow goes to your buddy’s head. It is a simple game that offers a lot of entertainment.

In the first level, you have to rescue a buddy. If you survive level 1, you can go to the next level with various types of difficulties. You will need to survive by using many kinds of platforms and surfaces such as ricochet, TNT, sharks, and more.

You can earn some bonuses by aiming your bow at the stars. Collect them to unlock new exciting and thrilling levels. Remember that the amount of arrows you can use in each level is limited. Calculate the angle so that the arrow will fly in the right direction precisely.

Prove yourself as an incredible shooter and be the hero of your buddies. It is a fun and exciting game that you can play over and over again. You can play the game on a handphone, PC, or laptop.

Let’s start now, shall we? Let the fun begin.

Game Controls:

To help him, you need to move your mouse and let the arrow go in the right direction. Your goal is to aim the rope above the buddy. Click your mouse and let the arrow fly to cut the rope.
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