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Play Summer Dessert Party Online Games

Do you love ice cream? Are you up for a super-fun cooking game? Well, the Summer Dessert Party will allow you to make your dream ice cream and it will be fun.

The screen will show you three options of games and you can pick one - pick Rainbow Ice Cream Rolls because it doesn’t require watching a video ad to open the game. Of course, you watch a five-second ad to unlock the other two options.

After that, a hand will appear and show you what to do or where to click. More than anything, this game is about creating your dreamy ice cream rolls for the summer!

Creating Ice Cream Rolls from Scratch

In this game mode, you will make some ice cream rolls by using a spatula. Other than making nice ice cream, you can decorate your creation in the end. Plenty of colorful decorations are ready to rock your rolls!

Decorating a Popsicle

If you pick this game mode, you will decorate a popsicle from scratch too. The game will start from picking the ingredients and you have to use the tools to make the ice cream in the first place.

Making Lemonade

As its name suggests, this game mode will ask you to make fresh lemonade. It starts with cutting some lemons and making some ice cubes.

After that, you need to pick fruit and you have to cut it - the fruits will fly in the air and you should cut everything but the bomb. Once everything is ready, it is time for you to blend those ingredients.

Later, you can pick the decorations and take a snap of your creation. Everything is so simple yet so fun!

How to Play

Use your mouse or tap on the screen to start making your ice cream rolls. There will be a hand to assist and there you have your Summer Dessert Party ice cream!
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