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Play Stack Ball Fall 3D Online Games

Do you like a simple but challenging arcade game? Then you should try this entertaining arcade game for kids. Stack Ball Fall 3D is a towering smash and destroy game to fill your boredom.

In Stack Ball Fall 3D, the goal is to have you destroy a tower composed of countless helix bands. To win, you simply need to reach the bottom of the tower!

You will control a bouncing ball on the top of the tower. And then, the ball will either continue to bounce around or smash down through the tower according to your strategy.

The control only uses a click and hold to play. When you want the bouncing ball to dive down and hit the helix, simply click and hold on to the screen. Let go of the screen to make the ball stop.

Unique Mechanism

There are two parts of the tower constituents, the colorful bars are weak zones that you can destroy with the ball. Meanwhile, the black bands are indestructible and will halt your ball in its track down. If you get stopped before reaching the bottom of the tower, it will be game over.

When you run your bouncing ball fast enough downward, the ball will be engulfed in fire. This fireball is strong enough to even destroy the black helix. But, if your ball stops the fire will be extinguished and you can't smash the black bands anymore.

Fun and Challenging

It's a fun and very casual game that you can play anytime. It also doesn’t require a download, you only need to open it in your internet browser. And then, the goal is very simple.
All those may mislead you to think it sounds easy. But actually, it's a challenging game that feels addictive.

It will push you to rack your brain to find the best strategy to win. Especially with each new level, you will meet increasing challenges. Stack Ball Fall 3D is a perfect game for you who are bored but love strategy and brain challenges.
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