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Play Squid Hook Online Games

Fish your opponents as much as possible and gather awesome bonuses! In Squid Hook, the only thing you need is none other than strategy and accuracy.

In this multiplayer game, you are participating in a competition where you 'fish' other people. You can only use one piece of equipment, and that is a chain rope with a fish hook on the tip.

The fishing area will be divided into two parts. The part below is yours and your team, and the part above is your enemies'. What is your goal, exactly? It is simple. Just fish as many of your opponents as possible.

For each person you fish, you will get a point. The total number of your points shows up on the right above your screen. The more you catch, the higher your opportunity to be the #1.

However, it is not as easy as that. In this game, you will only receive around 60 seconds to score. That is a very limited amount of time, but that is where the fun is! Not only do you have to catch them all, but you also have to avoid being caught in enemies' chains. So, be careful and watch out!

You will play with five other teammates. Do not worry about running out of teammates because of the hook, as they will respawn in no time. The same rule applies to you too, if your enemies catch you, you have 2 seconds to respawn.

The game is over when the limited time is up. After each session ends, you will find out where your rank is.

What is the reward? Well, if you catch many people and gather up enough coins, you will be able to change it and get a cool avatar.

Game Control

Use your mouse and arrow buttons to navigate your avatar and avoid your enemies' chain ropes.
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