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Play Squid Challenge 2 Online Games

After facing the Red Light Green Light, Dalgona, or Tug War Challenge, you probably feel like you need to play more challenging games. Don’t worry, because Qizy Net also has Squid Challenge 2 that will be harder to play.

Like what you passed in the first game, now you also have to run from the corner of the field to the opposite side. But here you won’t meet the huge doll that will look at you and make you dead.

Instead, there will be so many big things thrown your way, like cars, bikes, drums. So, you need to run fast but also avoid getting hit by those things.

Run Fast and Don’t Let Them Hit You

If one of those things hits you, you will be dead right away. And the game is over for you.

However, you don’t have to worry, because even if you get hit and the game is over, you could still revive and try to continue the game.

But the chances given are only three times so you need to do better. Because when you do the revival, those huge things are already all over the place and it’s harder for you to move and avoid.

There are six rounds you need to unlock before moving on to the next challenge. And you won’t be getting points or money unless you have finished one round and so.

Sounds intriguing, right? Are you ready to face the next level of the Squid Challenge?

Game Control:

It only needs one-finger control. Use your mouse to move your character to the left or right so the big things won’t hit.
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