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Play Skate Holigans Online Games

Skate away from the police and do not let him catch you! Skate Hooligans is an addicting game that you can play anywhere and anytime.

Hit and run are bad in real life. But, in Skate Hooligans, that is where the fun begins. However, the policeman is on your tail! You don't want to get into jail, do you? So run away as far as possible to avoid being caught by the police.

However, running away from the police is not as easy as it sounds. There are many obstacles on the street such as street cones, street barriers, and of course, cars. Once you hit the obstacles, the police will catch you in no time. So avoid them all you can!

While skating through the street, you will have many coins that you can use to upgrade your skating board and avatar. Collect as many coins as possible and skate through the road, with style.
You can also use the boosters that are scattered all around the street. Those boosters will increase your chance to succeed and score the highest number ever! Here are some of the boosters you can get:

Car Booster: turn yourself into a car for a short time and avoid getting hit by a car… as you are one yourself.
Magnet Booster: pull out all the coins in the other lanes for a short time. Get ready to be rich!

What if you get hit, though? Unfortunately, you have to restart from the start. But do not worry, you will have one chance to revive by clicking the presented ad. With that, you can continue running away without losing all your coins.

You can play Skate Hooligans on your personal computer or Android and iOS mobile devices.

Game Control

Personal computer: Use the left and right arrow buttons to change lanes, and up and down arrow buttons to jump or slide down.

Mobile device: Slide the screen left and right to change lanes, and up and down to jump or slide down.
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