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Play Sand Sort Puzzle Online Games

Do you need a game that you could have fun with, but also train your brain? Then you should try to play colors in the Sand Sort Puzzle. So how is it done?

In this game, you will be given two or more glasses that have different colored sand in them. All you need to do is choose and tap one glass to pour the sand into another glass that has the same colored sand in it.

When you’re done sorting and filling sand in the glass, there will be a flower growing on top of it. Of course as a result, from each full glass and flower, you will be earning points that will take you to the next level.

More Challenging in the Next Level
It will start with a simple task where there are only two glasses and one color. So, you are only required to pour once and you could continue to the next level.

The game is more challenging in Level Two or Three when you will be given three until five glasses. Also, there will be more than one color that you need to manage until each glass has the same-colored sand.

Now in the advanced level, you will find not two or three glasses but eight! Of course, there are many more colors you need to deal with. So, what if you got stuck and couldn’t finish one level?

Buy An Additional Glass with Your Coins

At the advanced level, you will probably find it more difficult to finish sorting all the colored sand. Don’t worry because you could always restart the level whenever you get stuck. This way, you are given another chance to do a better move.

Besides, you can buy another glass with your coins so it will help you to ease your move and finish the level faster. The additional glasses are available in the shop that you can find on top of your screen.

Game Control

Use your mouse to tap the glass you like to pour. When you’ve already decided which glass you want to fill, you can click it with your mouse.

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