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Play Run Rich 3D Online Games

How to be a rich person? That is a question with a million answers. But, it does not mean it is impossible to find out! Play Run Rich 3D and discover the best way to have a prosperous life!

If you are wondering, no, this is not a quiz game where you show your intellectual abilities to win over money. However, the quiz's goal and this game are the same; to gather as much cash as possible.

In this game, you should try your best to gather as much money scattered all along the road. The money will lead you into a more glamorous life. Not only that, but you will also have the approval to enter the most prestigious club ever.

There are two ways of getting money. One, by getting the stacks of bills. And two, by winning it on the jackpot machine. However, you have to understand that it all depends on your luck when it comes to the device. If you are lucky, you will get hundreds of dollars. But, if you are not, you will lose some of the money you have.

Upon walking the road, you will encounter some obstacles, such as burglars. Avoid them at all costs, so they can not steal your money.

You should also avoid wasting money. For example, avoid spending money on holiday and save up instead. Another example is to go to college and get a higher degree to get a higher salary.
So, basically, Run Rich 3D is about choice. Choose the best option to save money, and you will be rich immediately.

Game Control

Swipe your screen left and right to navigate your avatar to get the money and avoid obstacles.
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