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Play Princess Makeup Salon Online Games

The princess needs your help! Assist the princess in becoming beautiful again through some makeover in this dress-up game for kids. If you like a fun and relaxing game that includes fashion elements, then Princess Makeup Salon is the best for you.

In this game, you are playing as a beautician who assists the princess through some transformation process. The princess is tired, there are bags under her eyes and her skin needs refreshment.

By applying some skincare in the spa before continuing to apply makeup and fashion makeover, you can make the princess gorgeous again.

The Good Part

The best part of this game is the variety of choices available for you. At the start of the game, you can pick the princess you like from three options of skin tone. You can also get various options of makeup, hairstyles, dresses, and accessories.

Not only that, but the process is also very detailed. It is more fun and feels like a real spa and makeover. So it's good for kids who want to learn the tools of makeup and skincare by trying it virtually in this game. And then it is also a game that will hone your creativity in the fashion industry from an early age.

The Weakness of the Game

What makes this dress-up game stand up from other similar games is how detailed it is. But unfortunately, it has one drawback which is you cannot choose a stage and must continue each step by step until you finish. If you don't like the spa process you can't directly go to the makeup or dressing stage.

How to Play

The control of this game is very easy to use, you can play it on a computer or gadget like a phone or tablet. It only requires click and drag to complete the stages. The game is very simple too, it does not need installation to play. You only have to use your internet browser to play this online game.

But, overall it is a fun game that is designed to give you comfort while developing your creativity. Princess Makeup Salon is very recommended to play.
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