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Play POU Online Games

Have you thought about having a super cute pet online? POU is a virtual pet who loves to play with you. Play with him in the game and take good care of him. In this game, you will have a little pet called Pou. He is patiently waiting for you in the bedroom, kitchen, and other places in the house.

You will see your little pet in the bedroom when you start the game. Click the Closet to help him change outfits. You can choose his body color, give him shirts or coats with matching colors, change the eye color, let him wear glasses and even mustaches.

If you see Pou is sleepy, give him some time to sleep by turning off the lamp. If he is hungry, you can visit the kitchen and look at the Fridge to find him some food. Click the Fridge and get him various food, such as bacon or egg for breakfast, snacks, candies, fruits, vegetables, and some fast food.

Go to the bathroom to clean him with soap and help him shower. If your pet is sick, visit the Lab to get some medicine. Play in the hall or explore the outside with your virtual pet.

Pou is an easy game that is so fun and simple. Having a virtual pet can help you to relax and play at the same time. If you give Pou good care, you will see him grow bigger, and you can reset it to be smaller again when you think he is just too big.

POU is a fun, simple, and easy game that anyone can play. Kids love to play it, and adults can have some entertainment too here.

Game Controls:

Use your mouse and click to choose outfits or playing areas. Drag your mouse to clean your pet in POU.
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