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Play Poppy Playtime Online Games

Boo! Care to join many other children to the neverending train of horror? Poppy Playtime will bring you to the most shivering journey of all time. Ready or not, here they come ..

Halloween or not, there is never a better time to tuck in some element of horror in your life, except now! You are just one click away from all the thrilling fun. Just click 'Start,' and you are all set.

One day, you wake up in a big house. The house is enormous, and it has so many rooms in it. You are trying to escape, but there is no way out. There is no one else in the house.. or so you thought.

It turns out you are not alone. Substantial scary dolls are roaming around the house, looking for you. But, do not get caught! Because nobody is going to help you if you do. The only way to save yourself is to find your way out, wherever it takes.
Inspect every room and investigate everything you can find. If you are looking for some hints, look for blinking storage, walls, or tools. Those hints will help you get out of there alive.

However, you can only bring one tool at a time. So, make sure to remember what you find or leave in each room. You can also collect a stun gun and its ammo to protect yourself.

And do not forget, do not ever leave the sound off! It will help you hear the scary dolls' footage and give you more time to hide. You can hide and protect yourself from danger in the cabinet.

Game Control

If you are using a personal computer, you can just move the cursor wherever you go. Double click if you want to release or use a tool. If you are using a mobile device, just swipe your screen to move and tap commands.

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