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Play Paper.io 2 Online Games

Paper.io 2 offers a new adventure and experience for you to try. As a real-time multiplayer game, you will compete with other opponents to win the game.

Generally, you have to draw as much territory as you can on the screen to win this game. Drawing and coloring your territory will be crucial because the player with the largest area will win the game.

As mentioned earlier, all you need to do is to draw and paint the blank space with your color. By that, you are creating a map on your own but be sure other players don’t steal your area.

However, you cannot expose much of your tail because it is easier for other players to destroy you. Other than that, painting close to your territory is much safer - but feel free to create a larger space too, just be careful!

Getting 100% is possible in this game but it won’t be easy, considering the competitiveness of other players is unmeasurable. And if you want to succeed, moving around the edges while painting your territory would be a good idea.


This game is a real-time online game. Some people will play with you.
You can pick the color or image to paint your territory.
The gameplay is simple yet addictive.

More than anything, there is no need to download and install the game in the first place. Whether you are using your phone, tablet, or PC, this game is accessible anywhere.

How to Play Paper.io 2

Use your mouse or finger on the screen to draw your territory. Run over the blank space and you can write over other players’ colors too.

Generally, it is like a constant battle between you and other players on the servers. Keep in mind that the largest on the map is the winner of Paper.io 2.
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