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Play Panda Food Cooking Online Games

Cooking has never been so fun! Play with our chef in Panda Food Cooking. Please help him to shop and cook some food for the customer. Help the Chef to Cook Some Food in Panda Food Cooking There are four areas that you can explore in Panda Food Cooking.

In the first area, accompany the Panda Chef to shop in the grocery store. Pick some food ingredients that he shows in the bubble. Our Panda Chef will ask you to take some fruits, cake, and sweets.

After shopping, go to the restaurant and help the Panda Chef cook some food with skewers. Watch what the customer wants to eat and take the right food to fulfill their order. Click each of the boxes on the right screen to find the correct ones.

Be careful; you have limited time to serve as many customers as possible. When the time runs out, the Panda will come and count how much you have earned.

Go to the next area, a cafe where you can sell juice. Cut the fruits on the right side to fill in the glass. The more you cut the fruits, the faster the glass becomes full. Cutting fruits is such a fun activity to do.

Panda Food Cooking is a simple and easy game with exciting challenges that anyone can play. Matching food shapes in the platters might sound easy, but when you have to do it in a limited amount of time, you will have so much fun.

With delightful graphics and cute characters, keep your brain sharp while having fun. Each challenge is suitable for kids or anyone who wants some simple game.

Game Controls:

Use your mouse and click to choose the food ingredients and cut the fruits in the cafe. Let’s create some happiness with Panda Food Cooking!
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