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Play Monster Wheels Apocalypse Online Games

Challenge yourself by playing Monster Wheels Apocalypse. As the name suggests, you can control your monster car to get rid of all the enemy soldiers. Don’t let them get in your way. In this game, your enemies use any means to eliminate your monster car, so you have to be careful. While you drive on the road, touch other planes, motorcycles, or vehicles to fire them all.

While you try to put an end to your enemies, watch your HP bar and ability bar. Understanding your strength will help you to win the game. Use the Shield to reduce the incoming damages that await.

This is a game of strategy, and you need to move fast. If you think you are in danger, summon the Air Strike to demolish enemies. If your vehicle needs repair, get a Repair Balloon and make sure it can be stronger.

When you play in each level, collect coins by destroying your enemies’ vehicles in the dangerous race. In the beginning, you might only collect 20 or 50 coins, but after training for some levels, you will be able to collect many more.

After collecting enough coins, you can upgrade your monster car’s ability. The upgrade costs you coins starting from 80, so you’d better collect as many coins as possible. Some upgrades to your monster car will let it have more powerful weapons, increased speed, and a stronger shield.

Are you ready to start the game? Have fun and move your finger or mouse to conquer the deadly road race.

Game Controls:

Using your mouse, shoot other vehicles to destroy them. You will get more coins by eliminating more enemies’ vehicles. If you use a handphone or any other mobile device, hit your enemies by touching them.
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