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Play MInecraft Remake Online Games

You are in a new world now and there is no place to take shelter from the rain and the wind. You need to build anything by yourself so you can survive. Welcome to Minecraft Remake, where you need to train yourself to be in difficult situations.

First, you need to collect all kinds of resources to build your home, bed, and other furniture. Starting with sandstones to make floor and wall, so you could have a temporary house to keep you safe.

Don’t forget to make at least one hole in your house. This hole will function as a ventilator that helps you breathe. This way, you won’t suffocate from the lack of oxygen.

Another thing on the starting list is the wood. Wood could be beneficial to make furniture, such as tables, chairs, and other stuff. You may need to cut down trees to get the wooden block.

Build the Bed and Tools to Prevent You From Dangers

Of course, you need a bed to take a rest from all the work, right? Then let’s make a bed from the wool that you could get from sheep. Resting will prevent you from being depressed in the early game.

The bed will also get you through the dangerous nights. Especially, if your shelter is far away from your location to face the monsters.

Don’t forget to make tools as your weapons, such as axes, swords, and shovels. This is a very important step to keep alive in this game.

Beware of the Monsters

You will probably choose to run away from the monsters if you ever meet one. Most monsters are not going to attack you so you could just avoid them.

But, there are hostile monsters like zombies, creepers, or skeletons that will directly attack whenever they see you. Well, this is when you need to use your sword or another tool as a weapon to kill them.

Control : WASD or Arrow Keys: Move - Left Shift: Sprint - Mouse: Look - Scroll Wheel: Switch Block - Space: Jump - Right Mouse Button: Place Block - Left Mouse Button: Destroy Block - Middle Mouse Button: Get Highlighted Block - E: View In
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