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Play Lovely Virtual Cat Online Games

Cats are very adorable, but not everyone can have them at home. Some parents don't allow kids to have a pet. If you are in the same condition, no need to worry. Don't be sad, because the cute cat in the Lovely Virtual Cat game will accompany you and brighten your day.

Groom Your Cat and Make It Cute

Lovely Virtual Cat operates in simple click-and-drag gameplay. It can be played on your internet browser with no download required. You can play it on a mobile phone, tablet, or your computer.

In the game, you will have an adorable chubby cat as your friend. Take care of the cat and feed it. Play with it to make the cat happy. The gameplay is very similar to Tamagotchi. It's the perfect game to play when you feel lonely and bored.

Not only play with the cat, but you can also groom it. When the cat plays for too long, it will get dirty. Sometimes the cat also needs to pee. Help your pet take a bath and brush its hair to make it joyful.

There are also options to customize the cat to make it cuter. You can pick the fur and eye colors, add some time or shirt, and even some hats. Choose your favorites and help the chubby furball become even more lovable.

Daily Activities with Lovely Cat

Lovely Virtual Cat has 4 rooms that you can visit. There is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. And in each room, you can do daily activities with the cat.

The activities varied from cooking to helping the cat to sleep in bed at night. There is also a mini-game of tree jumping you can play when visiting the living room.

Overall, this game is very fun and relaxing. When you are bored after school or after homework, this cute cat will soothe your fatigue and make you feel calmer. Lovely Virtual Cat is a perfect game for kids who love cute cats!
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