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Going on a date is so exciting for couples. But, what if they find so many roadblocks that could cancel the date on the way to meeting their lover?

In this game, you need to help this couple get rid of those roadblocks so the girl can meet his man, who brings flowers at the end of the road.

In Level One, there will be only one roadblock that you just need to tap, and it will disappear right away. The girl could walk to her man afterward.

A Bad Guy Tries to Ruin Your Date

But, at the next level, you will be challenged to kill a bad guy. The bad guy stands in the middle of this couple, so if you remove one of the roadblocks, it will either kill the woman or the man.

So, you will be equipped with tools like a time bomb. You need to drop the time bomb directly to the bad guy by removing its roadblock. Once the bad guy is dead, the couple can see each other.

Not only a bad guy but they will also get blocked by a dog. There will be another tool to kill those two, such as a cannon and bow.

But you have to be careful in removing the roadblocks. Because if you make a wrong move, the tools could turn to kill the couple.

There is no time limit in this game. You could use the time to decide the best move as long as possible. Also, if you think you make the wrong move that will kill the couple, you could restart the level you’re already on.

Game Control

Tap the roadblocks by clicking your mouse so it will disappear. Remember to always think carefully before choosing which roadblocks you want to remove.
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