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Play Lip Art Online Games

Have you thought about being a makeup artist? Don't hesitate to learn when you are young. Try to make over lips in Lip Art, a fun beauty game that everyone loves. n this game, you will have a chance to create art on someone's lip. At each level, you will be able to apply various shades of colors and create a magic combination.

Instead of being complicated, Lip Art is a simple game that kids can play with enjoyment. You can play Lip Art on any mobile device (Android or Apple), PC, or laptop.

Who doesn't love the beautiful colors in this 3D lip painting game? Challenge yourself by decorating the lip in each level with unique patterns and colors.

In the first step, you will see a damaged lip that you need to repair. After repairing the lip, apply the first layer of lipstick. Then, you can use lipstick spray bottles to create the first layer of pattern.

Use another lipstick spray to create the next layer of pattern. Feel free to spray the lip with vibrant colors. Once the colors and patterns are set, your lip art is done.

You can click the store on the upright corner to see a collection of lipsticks, laser guns, and frames that you can unlock. Click the Skin Tone icon in the up left corner to select the skin tone you want for the image.

After making a finishing touch, you will have your lip art posted on the game's social media. Let people give their likes to your artwork.

Game Controls:

Use your mouse to drag the lipsticks and laser guns on the lip. If you use mobile devices, touch and drag the tools to the lip. Let's start the game now!
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