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Play Jelly Challenge Online Games

If you are familiar with the old game Candy Crush Saga, then you can understand how to play this game easily. But instead of candies, you will find so many cute jellies that seem so delicious.

The game's objective is to clear as many jellies as possible by swapping pieces to make three sets or more in a row.
When the jellies are matched, they will disappear and shift them above. So that you could search for another three sets of jelly to match and gain more points.

More Jellies, More Fun

But remember, you need to be smart in moving the candies. So, you could clear many rows and columns yet do it in a few moves.
To do so, you should try to look carefully at each jelly and find which row could crush many jellies in one move. Look for the potential combinations that could result in more than three sets of jellies.

On the game board, you will see the points you have earned. It also shows your last and best score, so you will know how many points you need to make and beat your previous score.

Don’t forget to measure the time limit that you can see on the bottom side of the board game. Because if you run out of time, the game will be over, and you need to start from the beginning.

Game Control

You only need one finger control to play this game. Left-click your mouse to swiping positions between one jelly and another.
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