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Play Ice Cream Inc Online Games

Do you like ice cream? Then try Ice Cream Inc to ease your boredom! Make your ice cream and match the pattern to create your perfect ice cream. This casual game is good to hone your concentration while also being a fun way to fill your time.

The goal of this game is simply to create an ice cream that looks the same as the example. Combine and mix the flavor to get the right color and pattern of the ice cream.

The sample ice cream uses various flavors to make the ice cream look delicious. With each level, the pattern will get more complicated so you must use creativity to follow the ice cream pattern perfectly.

How to Play

Playing this game is very easy, you only have to click on the ice cream flavor to get the right color on the ice cream you made. Click and hold the ice cream button to put that flavored cream on your ice cream cone.

This game is designed to be played on a computer but you can also open it on a mobile phone and tablet. Although, you need to make sure your device has good sensitivity first. Because sometimes you need to click two flavor buttons at the same time to get the right mix of ice cream patterns.

If you play on the computer, use the "1", "2", and "3" keys on your keyboard to pick the flavor. To combine the flavor, click two keys simultaneously.

Practice Your Concentration

In the early stages, the ice cream patterns are easy to follow. But as you progress to further levels, it will get more complicated and challenging. This is why this game is very good to hone your concentration. You need to be careful and pick the right timing when choosing the flavor to make a perfect copy of the sample.

When you have a lot of free time and you feel bored, Ice Cream Inc can be a good choice to pick. It's a fun, simple, and easy game to ease your boredom.
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