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Play Hit Master Rush Online Games

Sneak into the enemy's headquarter, beat up your opponents, and get out of there alive! Hit Master Rush is an exciting game that is fun to play anytime. Jump, Slide, and Shoot! In this game, you are a mafia. Your task is to eliminate all of your opponents while dodging all the attacks aimed at you.

Are you coming unarmed? Of course not. You will have a gun and you have to put it to your advantage. Do not worry, the gun is strong enough to destroy even the strongest bazooka!

However, you can upgrade your weapon. After you shoot the enemy, they will drop some coins for you to collect. Once you have enough coins, you can trade them to get a cool avatar and an even cooler weapon. So, do not forget to pile up the dimes!
ring Your Excitement Through the Roof

If you are looking for a thrilling -but in a fun way- game, then Hit Master Rush is totally for you. In this game, you will be able to sharpen your strategizing skill. You can also train your mind to think quickly as well as train your reflexes. It is truly a complete package.

You can play Hit Master Rush on both your personal computer and mobile device. If you are using a mobile device, both Android and iOS devices are suitable for this game.

Game Control

On a personal computer: On your keyboard, push the W button to Jump, S button to Slide Down, and Space button to use a Slow Motion effect. To shoot your gun, you can use the left mouse.
On a mobile device: tap the buttons on the left part of your screen to Jump, Slide Down or use the Slow Motion effect. Meanwhile, when you want to shoot the gun, tap the button on the right part of your screen.
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