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Play Going Balls Online Games

Are you looking for an addicting and challenging game? Going Balls will give you the experience of gaming you cannot find in many games!

The rule in Going Balls is pretty simple: navigate the ball until it reaches the finish line. You will make sure the ball goes on the lane smoothly by swiping up, down, left, or right the screen.

Along the lane, you will stumble upon some coins. You can collect all of them to receive special rewards.

Moreover, you will also find some keys that you can use to open a treasure chest that will give you multiple coins. Sometimes, the cash in the chest is much more than the ones you will get on the lane. So, make sure you are not missing even one of them.

However, an addicting game will not be addictive unless there is an obstacle, right? You should remember that the lane of the ball is pretty narrow. So, make sure you do not go past it.

Throughout the whole game, you will be given five Lives. Every time you fall out of the lane, you will lose one. However, do not worry; you will find extra Lives scattered in many spots on the route in each level. So, it is better to stock up on life as much as possible.

There is no limit to the level. In other words, your level will only go higher and higher each time you reach the finish line. But, of course, the higher your level is, the trickier the lane goes.

Game Control

Slide your ball by swiping it up and down your screen using a mobile device. However, if you use a personal computer, you can use your cursor to move up and down the lane.
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