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Play Face Paint Salon Online Games

It’s a game in which you can swipe on glamorous eyeshadow here and a puff of cute pink blush there. Having face painting is fun as long as you do it right. Do not worry and experiment all you want in the Face Paint Salon!

What does it feel like to have great flexibility to dress up all you want? Incredible makeup and pretty dresses that are all yours. In Face Paint Salon, you will walk through the detailed steps of face painting, starting from zero.

First, you will go through a Spa session, in which you help your avatar get a healthy face. Help her wash her face, pop her pimples and tweeze her bushy eyebrows, and put on a face mask. Then, get rid of her dark eye by taking some eye care. Lastly, put some strips on her nose and get rid of all her comedones.

The second session is where all the fun begins. Here, you decide which kind of face painting you want. Many choices of exotic face paint are there, such as cat face, tiger face, and the prettiest of them all; butterfly face. You can also add accessories such as ear toys, earrings, and necklaces.

And the last session is playing dress-up! Choose your favorite tops, skirts, or dresses. Here is a pro tip: match your clothes with your makeup, ok? And do not forget to choose the best hairstyle and hair color to fit the whole look.

Does it end there? Of course not, because what is a woman with accessories, right? Choose the most suitable pair of shoes, gloves, bangles, and purses. Do all of that, and you are ready to slay!

You can play Face Paint Salon on your personal computer or Android and iOS mobile devices.

Game Control

Use your mouse to choose and slide. Or, if you are using a mobile device, tap and slide your phone screen.
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