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Play Erase One part Online Games

Get bored doing anything complicated with difficult challenges? Have fun and pleasure by playing Erase One Part. It is an easy and relaxing game with many surprises waiting. Erase One Part and Find the Surprise, Somebody always needs your help at each level. Look at the picture carefully and find what you need to erase.

Erase the door of a safe deposit box and find some money inside. Use the eraser to clean a mirror and see a girl smiling, change the handphone casing color, or do other simple tasks.

Erase One Part is a game with a lot of amusements. Each level has a short instruction that is easy to follow. Carefully erase the part mentioned in the instructions, and you will find a surprise.

Sometimes the instructions contain some directions, such as In contrast, sometimes, the instructions only have some hints, like “Nail looks dirty,” which means you need to erase the dirty parts in the nails.

Erasing one part is a thinking game, but it is so straightforward. Although the mechanics are uncomplicated, the puzzles will keep your brain guessing! What can you find behind things that you erase?

This game has delightful graphics with super cute animations. You can play Erase One Part for hours without getting bored.
Solve all the puzzles to see the whole picture. Erasing only a part of the image will let you get a new fun exploration. The images are often funny, hilarious, and cute.

Are you ready to start the game? Have fun and move your finger slowly to erase one part.

Game Controls:

Move your mouse, and you will see an eraser on the screen. Read the instructions and erase one part of the image in the level. You will see something behind things that you erase.
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