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Play Downhill Chill Online Games

How to be the best ski player? Of course, by sliding down the snowy hill smoothly and beating all of your opponents. Prove that you are the best ski player ever in Downhill Chill!

A ski competition is held on a snowy mountain up above the city. A lot of contestants show up, and that includes you. Are you confident you can beat them all?

In this game, you will become a professional ski player. You are attending a competition. And you only have one task; score as the first one to arrive at the finish line.

All you have to do is navigate your avatar left and right until you reach the finish line down the hill. That does sound easy, right? However, there are many obstacles you have to dodge, including your opponents who are trying to tackle you. Get one extra point for every opponent you attack!

That is not all there is to it, because what is a competition without flexing your skills, right?

Slide up into an inclining board and turn around as much as you can while you are in the air. The greater your skill, the higher the point you will score! Don't be too excited, though. If you fail to land, you will fall and will not continue competing.

There are 25 stages in the game, with ten levels in each stage. Of course, the higher your stage is, the trickier it gets.

After finishing each level, you will receive a star. The highest star you can get is three, and the lowest is one. When you reach a certain amount of stars, you can exchange them with awesome stuff that would help you win!

Game Control

Slide left and right on your screen or use your cursor if you play on your personal computer.
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