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Play Among Us Online Games

The always-loved viral game that is Among Us is now available on Qizy! Protect your spaceship from the impostor, or even be one and eliminate all the crewmates and win the game. Whatever you choose, victory shall be upon you!

Being in space is awesome. However, what if one impostor is trying to kill you or throw you out into nothingness? That sure is a problem.

In this game, you have only one common task: to maintain the ship and make sure it flies smoothly.

As the crewmates, you are given several tasks, from maintaining the O2 level in the ship to adjusting the weapon kit. You will have a progress bar that shows how far along you are in the task.

For all you know, you share the same tasks with seven other crewmates. Or… that is how it is supposed to be.
Little did you know, there is one impostor among all of you. It is trying to sabotage your work, kill you or banish you into space all alone.

The impostor will receive no tasks, but it can still pretend as if it's doing the task. They can even get and sneak into the vent and hurt you from behind. So be aware, catch the impostor red-handed and call him out before it kills anyone!

However, the crewmates can still win by calling out and throwing the impostor into space, or finishing all the tasks.

Game Control

To walk the avatar: A, S, D, and W buttons. Or you can use arrow buttons or click the cursor wherever you want to go.
To kill: Use the E button or click the 'Kill' icon on the right below.
Use the Space button or click the 'Vent' icon on the right below to Vent.
To report: Use the R button or click the 'Report' icon on the right below.

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