Elevate Your Bathing Moment with These 5 Small Bathroom Ideas

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For some people, taking a bath is simply a routine. However, for some others, it is considered a therapeutic activity, especially after a long and tiring day. If you have a small bathroom, fret not, here are 5 small bathroom ideas for you to feel comfortable in your private time.

Accentuate with Skylight

Image source : no1roofing.com.au

Bathing under the stars is no longer a childhood tale. One of the small modern bathroom ideas is to put up a skylight above your bathroom. Not only do you get to get natural sunlight during the day, but you will also feel as if your bathroom is spacious and limitless.

Swap Curtains with Glass or Acrylic

Image source : thespruce.com
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Avoid feeling too cramped in your bathroom by swapping the curtains with glass or acrylic divider. This simple trick can also help you to separate your wet and dry area, thus making it one of the most popular small bathroom ideas with showers.

Choose a Colored Tub

Image source : thespruce.com
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Distract your mind from being entrapped by choosing a gorgeous colored tub. It can simply elevate your bathing experience while also making a statement about your personality.

Put Big and Unique-Shaped Mirror

Image source : stylebyemilyhenderson.com

One of the cheap small bathroom ideas is to put mirrors on the walls of your bathroom. So, you can use the big one to get a more spacious effect instantly. However, if you need a small bathroom idea on a budget, opt for multiple unique-shaped mirrors.

Balance Dark and Light Colors

Image source : rockmystyle.co.uk

Zen decoration concept gains more and more popularity these days, not exceptionally for bathrooms. The key to executing small bathroom zen ideas is the wall color. Choose both dark and light colors that complete each other and give a soothing effect, such as gray and beige.Having a small space should not be a reason for you not to enjoy your private time. Try these small bathroom ideas and see for yourself how it changes your bathing experience instantly!

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