Best Free Online Games for Kids

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This post is different from usual because it does not discuss home design, this time there is an interesting discussion, namely online games for children. All children will love games because it makes them happy and also trains their creativity and imagination. There are lots of games developed by game developers that can be played on computers or smartphones, as technology develops there are games that can be played without having to download and install them, namely online games that can be played in a browser, most of these games use html5 technology, unity web player and construct.

Here are the best free online games according to the author of rumahunieq that can be played for free on your browser, all children will love it.


Source : pancakerun game screenshoot

Stack pancakes and fruit such as bananas, strawberries, apples, and many more to find a tall pile of pancakes to give to hungry guests, avoiding all obstacles so that your pancakes don’t fall.

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Poppy Office Nightmare

Image source : Poppy Office Nightmare Game Screenshot

This is a horror game inspired by playtime poppy huggy wuggy, in this game is in a dark building and trapped there. Find 5 dolls scattered separately in the building so they can get out but be careful not to meet and get caught by huggy wuggy

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Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle

Image source : Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle game screenshot

This bike game is inspired by the shooter character of the squid game, there are several levels that you can play. Collect all the coins scattered separately in various places to get the highest points. Drive your bmx bike through obstacles by jumping, turning and turning like playing a real bmx bike.

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Minecraft Remake

Image source : Minecraft remake game screenshot

Minecraft game is very popular and many people play it all over the world, this is an online version of the Minecraft-like game that can be played for free. Use your imagination to build buildings using existing blocks. There are no dangerous enemies in this game so you can build buildings without worrying about enemies attacking.

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Run Rich 3D

Image source : run rich 3d game screenshot

Run rich 3d is a casual game that has gameplay where you make choices in your life that can make you rich or poor, you will keep going and you can’t stop even for a moment so make choices by moving your character left and right. Choose to study, find a job, save, invest in order to become rich.

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Fat 2 Fit

Image source : fat 2 fit online game screenshot

This game is very funny because you have to collect food while rolling and get very fat while passing the obstacles. If you hit obstacles such as thorns and walls it will make your body thinner and smaller so that you are like a person who eats a lot and becomes slim due to diet. There are 5 levels that must be completed before getting the prizes, these levels will certainly be more difficult with many obstacles.

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Summer Dessert Party

Image source: Summer Dessert Party game screenshot

This is a simulation game of making ice cream in summer, all kids will love ice cream because it is sweet and cold. Follow the instructions in the game to make the ice cream you want, from choosing the ice cream, putting the dough in the cooler, and decorating it.

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Pop Us

Image source : Pop Us game screenshot

This game is inspired by the children’s toy pop it and the game among us which are very viral all over the world, the high price makes children only able to collect a few items. in this game you can feel you have pop it in various forms such as, among us, pop it, unicorn, robot, and many more. In the real world, pop it can be used to relieve stress by pressing on bubbles to make them pop!

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Bridge Race

Image source : Bridge Race game screenshot

Bridge race is a casual game with interesting gameplay where you have to go around looking for blocks of the same color as your character to build bridges so that you can climb to higher ground and advance to the next level. There are 2 opponents who are also trying to build a bridge so don’t lose to them.

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Design My Home

Image source : Design my home game screenshot

Use your imagination to design your dream home, starting from designing the front view of the house, designing rooms, designing living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Choose paint colors, wallpaper, tables, chairs, floor tiles and other furniture to make a beautiful design. This game is great if you like interior design to practice your design skills.

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Worms Zone a Slithery Snake

Image source : worm zone game screenshot

This is a very popular multiplayer game where you have to collect food to make your worms grow bigger. Be careful not to hit other worms because you will lose and become their food, on the contrary if there are worms that hit you it will become food that you can eat. Your worm can also move quickly to avoid opposing players, the bigger your worm, the higher the score and it’s not easy.

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Body Race

Image source : body race game screenshot

The body race game is similar to the fat 2 fit game, which is about gathering food to become fat, the difference here is that we have a predetermined weight goal. For example, our goal is to weigh 80kg, so you have to collect food so that your body can be fat and your weight is around 80kg otherwise you will fail to complete the level. If your weight exceeds your goal, don’t worry because you can lose it by eating low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

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Count Masters

Image source : Count masters game screenshot

Count master is a casual game that combines the themes of running games and the math of addition and multiplication. all you have to do is enter the math gate to multiply troops to defeat the enemy, so you can win and reach the finish line then your number must be more than the enemy. Your troops will keep running and can’t stop so you have to make quick choices to enter the addition and multiplication gates.

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Spa Day Makeup Artist

Image source : Spa day makeup artist game screenshot

This is a very suitable game for girls where you will be the owner of a spa salon and there are customers that you have to serve. There are several spa services that you can provide including foot spa, leg spa, back spa, hand spa, facial spa, and hair spa. Follow the instructions on how to do the spa service and make your customers happy.

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Those are some of the best free online games according to rumahunieq, start playing and get rid of your boredom. All games is free and can be played without download and install on your computer.

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