5 Wall Decor for Living Room Ideas to Cheer Up Your Space

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The presence of wall decor for the living room’s aesthetic aspects is crucial. Other than hanging your favorite painting, there are ways to lift up the mood by decorating the living room walls.

Image source : chatelaine.com

Curating paintings, photographs, and other pictures is one of the best wall art decor ideas you can try for your living room. A series of tasteful paintings would be great but you can put anything you love on the wall.

2. Invest in Large-Scale Art

Image source : architecturaldigest.com
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If collecting several small wall art items is not your thing, then you can invest in one large-scale painting or any wall art. That painting in the picture above is such an inspiration when it comes to modern wall decor ideas. Feel free to go as big as you can.

3. Hang a Fabric

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Do you know that tapestry is a thing when it comes to wall decor? Today, you can hang your favorite tapestry on the living room wall. But be sure that the colors go well with the room’s style.

4. Put a Mirror

Image source : shanty-2-chic.com

Other than allowing you to check up on yourself, the presence of a mirror in a living room is such a favorable wall art. You can go as simple as you like or invest in something full of detail, as long as it goes well with the room style.

5. An Accent Wall

Image source : architecturaldigest.com

Using a colorful wallpaper for an accent wall is part of the best large wall decor ideas you can give a try. You can incorporate a wallpaper with unique patterns or create a mural of your own.

When it comes to the wall decor for living room space, there are tons of things you can experiment with. Just make sure to pick items that suit your personality.

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