5 Stunning Rooftop Deck Ideas You Will Love

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If you have open space on your roof, you better turn it into a rooftop or roof deck. If you need some inspiration to start the project, below is a list of several rooftop deck ideas.

#1 Veggie Garden

Image source : wp.com

A perfect roof deck design for small houses turns it into a veggie garden – especially if you have no room for a backyard. This plan will work well whether you get the whole place for veggie gardens or add some chairs to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

#2 Coastal Dining Area

Image source : definebottle.com

Turning your rooftop deck into a dining area with coastal vibes is a great idea, especially if you live in a beach house. 

However, you better keep the color palette as tightly as possible. The combination of white walls and wood elements and potted green plants boost the dramatic vibe.

#3 Outdoor Hot Tub

Image source : chicagoroofdeck.com

 You can always turn your rooftop deck into a spot to relax and cool down during the summer. But don’t forget to have shades for covering the sunlight and a glass privacy screen. If you worry that the space turns bland, greenery will soften the scene.

#4 Cozy Gathering Nook

Image source : strongguard.com.au

Are you up for a simple rooftop design to enjoy panoramic views? Well, this one may work for you – set up a few long bench seats to provide comfort. Also, the colors create an airy impression, which is suitable for even a tiny space.

#5 Petit Green Rooftop

Image source : definebottle.com

Meanwhile, if you are looking for small rooftop deck ideas, this picture might inspire you. All you need is a sectional sofa set, two chairs, and a coffee table that fits a small area. 

The presence of a rug helps define the conversation area. But keep in mind that you should maintain a cohesive look through the color palette.

You can say that the presence of a roof deck is part of luxury – not all homeowners get the chance to have one. Thus, make sure you know what you want from that area and take some of the rooftop deck ideas above.

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