5 Small Kitchen Ideas to Make the Most of the Room

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The kitchen is simply the heart of the home. Despite the limited space, these small kitchen ideas will turn a tiny room into a hearty one with some touches.

All you need to do is to pick the right thing and arrange it in the right manner. Below are several worth-stealing looks for the kitchen in small houses.

1. Pick a Statement Lighting

Image source : home-designing.com

Are you looking for small kitchen ideas on a budget? If so, statement lighting would be an excellent investment then. You need task lighting but the fixtures can always be part of the decorative elements, even a focal point.

2. Ditch Upper Cabinets

Image source : apartmenttherapy.info
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More than anything, a small kitchen leaves you a limited space to be creative. While you have to keep everything as functional as possible, removing all upper cabinets will create a more breathable impression. Also, open cabinets would create a nice decor in the kitchen.

3. Put a Kitchen Island

Image source : timeincuk.net
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If the space allows, you should opt for a small kitchen with island in the center of the room. The presence of an island helps you to perform various tasks and store items effortlessly while creating an elegant impression in the kitchen.

4. Think Vertically

Image source : extraspace.com

One of those things about a small kitchen is that you have super-limited room and floor surfaces. Thus, you should utilize those vertical spots as much as possible. A way you can try is by hanging several items from the ceiling. It creates a chic look, though.

5. Mirrored Backsplash

Image source : uaglass.co.uk

Mirrors never fail to make a room appear bigger and brighter – this is why the modern small kitchen ideas love this material. You can use a mirrored backsplash for a more streamlined yet chic kitchen look.

Keep in mind that you can always nail any style regardless of how small the room is. By combining the right color and space-effective furnishings, even small kitchen ideas can feel so spacious.

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