5 Simple Rooftop Design Ideas You Will Actually Love

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The rooftop can be a spot to connect with the outdoors in the most fun way. So, follow these simple rooftop design ideas to transform yours into a lovely area to hang out with family and friends.

#1 Put a Pergola

Image source : urbanrooftops.com

Installing a pergola will cover the sunlight and infuse warmth into the entire scene. The one made of wood is suitable for any design style.

However, metals would make a sturdier choice, especially if you prefer to create a gazebo for a more modern rooftop design.

#2 Light up the Space

Image source : onekindesign.com
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Lighting is essential in every room in your house. On the other hand, this could be a low-cost, simple rooftop design aspect you can apply. 

This area generally has minimal lighting options. Thus, investing in some lanterns, string lights, or tiki torches will add a personality to your rooftop.

#3 An Open-air Dining Spot

Image source : roundecor.com
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Eating outdoors will always be a fun experience, especially if you can do it on your rooftop. However, you must prepare sun shades, sturdy yet cozy dining furniture items, and other weatherproof elements.

#4 A Rooftop Bar

Image source : pinimg.com

Adding a bar is applicable for the rooftop design for tiny houses. Thus turning your rooftop into a bar would be a good idea – especially if you live in a smaller home.

Besides setting up counter space and a cabinet, provide cozy seating and proper lighting.

#5 Add a Fire Pit

Image source : hzcdn.com

Gathering with friends and family for BBQ is undoubtedly fun. While having a backyard BBQ sounds impossible, you can always install a firepit on your rooftop. Besides grilling food, you can watch the skies while getting warm at night.

There are many ways to create a cozy hangout space in your house. And more than anything, these simple rooftop design ideas could be the most effortless way to infuse warmth into this outdoor spot.

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