5 Roof Garden Design Ideas for a Stunning Rooftop Terrace

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For those who love greens and nature, these roof garden ideas will be a huge treat for sure. Other than hanging out with family and friends, you can create a nice escape spot on your rooftop.

#1 Roof Garden with Evergreens

Image source : remodelista.com

A roof is a place where the wind might be a bit harsher. Other than that, some unpleasant moments may happen during heavy rains. 

Thus, planting suitable evergreens is crucial to establishing a roof garden. Bamboo, for instance, can be a perfect plant for your garden while providing a level of privacy too.

#2 An Open Rooftop

Image source : themodernhouse.com
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An open rooftop garden is one of the effortless rooftop design ideas. Other than that, this design can make the limited rooftop space appear bigger. However, you will need to install fences for extra privacy and a pergola to shield against the sun.

#3 Incorporate Trees and Tall Plants

Image source : thespruce.com
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A simple rooftop garden will reflect its beauty through every item in it. Other than keeping the garden green, trees and tall plants can be a solid team to provide shields and screens against the surroundings. Besides, this option is a cost-effective one.

#4 Use Colorful Tiles for the Wall

Image source : futurecdn.net

If you have enough walls, this could be the perfect spot to showcase your personality. Besides giving a fresh and shiny look, it also reflects your personality. Besides, tiles are easy to clean and mostly weatherproof.

#5 Vertical Rooftop Garden

Image source : futurecdn.net

Are you looking for some small roof garden design ideas? Well, having a vertical garden on your rooftop would be a great way to start. You can showcase the greens and a comfy seating area even though the space is limited.

Having a garden is such a dream for many homeowners. If having a stunning backyard garden is not possible, these roof garden ideas will inspire you to create a cozy green nook on your rooftop.

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