5 Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas for Your House

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As much as you like to have activities at some outdoor spots of the house with your family, you might want a little bit of privacy. Here are some curated outdoor privacy screen ideas for you.

5 Promising Privacy Screen Ideas

There are tons of great materials to be used as your house’s privacy keeper. From woods to fabric, check out these recommendations!

  1. Portable Privacy Screen
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When most privacy screens are permanently placed in some spots, an outdoor privacy screen on wheels offers a more flexible option. This screen can be moved whenever you want to. You can use pine woods to create this moveable screen.

  1. Bamboo Blinds Privacy Screen
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This type of privacy screen gives a traditional look to your overall house design. Basically, it is a blind made of bamboo to block the direct sunray to enter certain house spots. Also, it can cover the activity inside greatly.

  1. Fabric Privacy Screen
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Another cheap privacy screen option is using fabric as the material. You can choose the color and the pattern according to your likings. This will create a more colorful and fresh aura for your outdoor spots. But, you have to make sure that this is placed in the correct spot because it is not waterproof.

  1. Deck Patio Privacy Screen
Image source : pinimg.com

One of the commonest inexpensive backyard privacy screen ideas is using a deck patio from board planks. You can always paint it with colors, such as white, or leave it as it is. It gives a touch of natural yet modern finish for the overall look of your backyard deck. 

  1. Wall Privacy Screen
Image source : hzcdn.com

If you prefer a fully covered outdoor space, building walls is the perfect decision. While other materials commonly can be seen through, walls do not. It is especially suitable if you have a backyard pool so other people cannot freely watch your activities outdoors.Those are outdoor privacy screen ideas to add some privacy to your house’s outdoor areas. Which one do you find the best?

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