5 Outdoor Planter Wall Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Green

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Have a small garden, and you want to have plenty of plants in your backyard? The solution is, you need a planter wall to accommodate all plants you want without taking up a lot of land. So, what you need is to pay attention to these five outdoor planter wall ideas.

  1. Iron Rack Model
Image source : slatic.net

Make a rack made from iron, then drill it into the wall. Then make some boxes, you can use a material like plastic. Hang them on the rack irregularly to add an aesthetic impression. Don’t forget to paint it suitable for your back garden theme.  

  1. Wooden Shelf
Image source : shopify.com
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You can use wood to make this planter wall. You can even use the pallet wood that is almost being garbage. About the model, maybe this above simple figure can inspire you.

Instead of hanging the rack, you need to lean it on the wall. And now, the plants are all ready to be planted.

  1. Magazine Rack Model
Image source : pinimg.com
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This planter wall model is so simple, a magazine rack model. You can make it or you can buy it. The rack is just needed to fill with the soil and then you can grow your favorite vegetables or flowers in it. 

  1. Hanging Box Model
Image source : pxhere.com

Don’t rush to throw away your used boxes, especially if they are made of plastic or wood. Now you can use them for your planter wall. Arrange the used boxes in order and hang them on the wall using chains. To make it clear, you can see the image above.

  1. Round Frame Model
Image suorce : pinimg.com

This model is unique, not only working for planter walls. However, it can also be used as a wall decoration and even as a photo spot. 

It would be best to make a vase-shaped round, precisely like a plate. But, you must make space to fill the soil where you grow your favorite vegetables or flowers. 

Those five outdoor planter wall ideas can inspire you to make your little backyard greener and undoubtedly beautiful.

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