5 Modern Farmhouse Decor Key Elements to Cozy-Up Your House

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One of the modern farmhouse decor key ideas is the combination of both new and old elements. From clean lines and a tight color palette to the charming old refined wood would be part of this style.

But how would you implement those charming elements in your house?

1. Combinations of Neutrals and Wood Tones

Image source : meredithcorp.io

Modern farmhouse ideas and neutral colors – such as gray, white, sage, and cream – are inseparable. To differentiate modern styles from modern farmhouse styles, you should pair neutrals with woody tones.

The raw ottoman and wooden bedside tables above are solid examples that are rich in farmhouse tastes. Even scratches, knots, and nicks make the warmth of farmhouse decor stronger.

2. Introduce Metals Into a Room

Image source : thespruce.com
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Metals, on the other hand, are another key element of farmhouse decor styles. Lighting fixtures, on the other hand, are the most effortless way to introduce metals in the room.

3. Organic Materials are the Best

Image source : onekindesign.com
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Another key element you should consider about modern farmhouse styles is their connection with the outdoors. Instead of using greeneries in the modern farmhouse living room, you can opt for organic materials.

Refined woods, linen fabrics, and leather upholstery, suggest a loud farmhouse statement. Meanwhile, the open-plan brings modernity at its best.

4. Lots of Textures

Image source : designthusiasm.com

While keeping the color palette as neutral as possible, the modern farmhouse elements always include various textures to define depth and characters in the room. 

From woods and metals to fabrics, textures are your friends. The presence of textures is crucial since those neutral colors could create a flat look.

5. Accessories are a Necessity


Accessories become a staple in a modern farmhouse style. Without them, the room may turn either stark or awkward. The pendant and bookshelves in the background, meanwhile, make the room feel more alive without being too much.

As explained, modern farmhouse decor styles incorporate clean lines and a tight color palette to keep everything simple and modern. Meanwhile, those charming details from refined woods, stunning metal fixtures, and some textures, infuse the warmth to avoid a flat look.

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