5 Kids Room Ideas for A Boy and Girl Shared Room

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When you have a small house and a lot of kids, sharing a bedroom for your son and daughter is a better option. So, how do you fit these two characters into a single room? Take a peek at some of these kid’s room design ideas.

  1. Side by Side
Image source : alvinology.com

You can arrange the kid’s bedside by the side with two different colors of paint on the wall that became the backdrop of the boy’s bed, painted with boy colors and characters. As well as the backdrop wall of the girl’s bed, painted with girl colors and characters.

You can add a bookshelf in the middle to distinguish the two sides, feminine and masculine

  1. Using Bunk Beds
Image source : casaindonesia.com

You can use bunk beds to separate boy’s and girl’s beds. Use two different colors or characters. Make a position: the bottom bunk for the girl and the top for the boy. It makes boys feel like climbing before going to sleep. And he usually likes it.

You can add a bookshelf in the middle to distinguish the two sides, feminine and masculine.

  1. Side by Side with Partition
Image source : futurecdn.net

You can arrange the beds side by side with the partition wall to separate them. And don’t forget to add special characters to each bed that is suitable for both kids.

  1. Make a Letter L 
Image source : waterbasecoating.com

You can arrange the position of the two beds into Letter L. Use some ornament related to the two characters, boy and girl. It is just to emphasize which one is the boy’s and the girl’s property.

  1. Back to Back Position
Image source : imgix.net

You can make the two beds back to back position. It separates the area of sleeping between the two kiddos. So, they can’t bother each other. Use some ornaments that symbolize the masculine and feminine area, like wall colors, bedsheets, etc.

Those are some kid’s room ideas for a boy and girl shared room. But you must remember that you can’t join them in one room forever. So, maybe you should think about having a big house if they grow into teenagers.

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