5 Inexpensive Carport Ideas to Save Your Money

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Having a car doesn’t always require a garage. If your yard is enough to accommodate a car, you can simply make a carport either with a roof or not. Here are five inexpensive carport ideas to save your budget.

  1. Cement Floor Concept
Image source : woodencarport.co.uk

This carport just has the floor made from mixed cement and lets it harden. For the frame, this concept uses a wooden frame. And of course, this does not cost much money. 

If your budget can be a little bigger, you can invest in a good type of wood. a special type of wood will make it stronger and last longer in the outdoor weather.

  1. Block Floor Concept
Image source : bigcommerce.com

This concept uses the block for making up the floor of the carport. The frame is made from wood. It is an open carport concept because it doesn’t need a wall. 

  1. Open Concept


Image source : facebook.com

It is one of the cheap carport ideas. You can leave the floor as is. Whether grassy or covered with small coral stones. Then you just need to make a roof that can be made of any material, can be zinc or tile, and of course, this is an open carport concept alias without walls.

  1. Iron Frame Concept
Image source : udrew.com.au

This simple concept surely doesn’t cost much money. You just need an iron cast bar as a frame and cover the carport with a tarpaulin. Just let the floor as it. It is a very cheap model carport and easy to make.

  1. Mild Steel Frame Concept
Image source : costdetectives.com

Same with the previous concept, no wall, just frame, and roof. The difference is the material of the frame bar. This concept uses mild steel, and the roof uses transparent material. About the floor, let it as it.

Those are five inexpensive carport ideas. What is your choice? Try to choose a cheap one that is suitable for your budget.

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