5 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas for Any Kitchen Size

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Kitchen island ideas are supposed to be applicable for all kitchens, regardless of the size. If you are looking for inspirations and references, below is a list of kitchen islands worth copying.

#1 Mirrored Surfaces for a Dramatic Look

Images source : decoist.com

Mirrored surfaces will also be part of the most clever modern kitchen island ideas, especially if the room is smaller. 

Other than suggesting a unique style, the mirrored surface of a kitchen island helps distribute light to the entire room – smaller kitchens benefit a lot from this material.

#2 Neat Gray and White

Images source : thespruce.com
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The combination of gray and white will never fail to boost the airy vibes in the kitchen. All you need to do is ensure each color doesn’t overpower another. Some metal elements will make a lovely accent. On the other hand, the open shelves also serve as accessories in the room.

#3 Farmhouse with a Contemporary Touch

Images source : squarespace-cdn.com
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You will never go wrong with a contemporary farmhouse style, especially if you look for small kitchen island ideas. Combining white with deep blue creates an airy vibe with a specific level of depth. Meanwhile, the wood aspects infuse warmth in the room.

#4 Customized Bistro Table

Image source : hearstapps.com

So, a customized tall bistro table would be one of the inexpensive kitchen island ideas. This option would be a great idea, especially if you don’t want to invest in some costly kitchen island. Also, the slim silhouette makes the kitchen look trendy and uncluttered.

#5 Slim and Marbly

Images source : squarespace-cdn.com

You surely can fit this kitchen island even in a super small L-shaped kitchen configuration. All you need to do is limit your color palette and bring some warmth through organic materials, such as wood. The marble pattern is excellent to avoid a flat look, after all.

Other than considering the layout, you better know what you will do with the presence of an island in your kitchen. Not only do the kitchen island ideas above help you build a focal point, but they also add value to your home.

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