5 Enclosed Carport Ideas to Make Your Home Look American Style

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Making your carport into a garage is not difficult anymore. Because nowadays, there are so many models available to inspire you. The following five enclosed carport ideas to change your home look into American Style.

  1. Container Model
Image source : dc-supply.gl

It is the “Container” Model. Because this carport is built to look like a container. The parts material, such as walls, doors, and roof, is metal. There are two doors side by side that open and close normally. You just need to buy a container from the shipping company to have it.

  1. Barn Model
Image source : passmores.co.uk

This carport model is built like a barn. The shape of the building is exactly like where the farmers store their harvests. You need wood to make all parts of this enclosed carport model.

  1. Slats Steel Model
Image source : pinimg.com

This enclosed carport concept applies a slats model on the wall part. The idea is very simple. The material is made of metal. This model is very traditional, but it is still cool to have it.

  1. Automatic Door Model
Image source : ozgaragedoorsandgates.com

It is a modern style of the enclosed carport ideas. Maybe, if you glance at the building side, it looks ordinary. The material of the wall is brick and metal. And the fabric of the door is metal.

Do you know what makes this concept modern? The answer is the automatic door that you can control by the remote. So you don’t need to get in and out of the car every time you open and close the garage door. 

  1. Metal Model
Image source : gensteel.com

The concept of this enclosed carport idea is the material, metal. All parts of the carport, starting from the roof, walls, and doors, are metal. The door concept is a sliding door that uses a pulley system to make it easier to open and close the garage door.

Nowadays, having a carport and making it over into a garage is easy. Hopely, the above five enclosed carport ideas can inspire you to change your front look house into American Style.

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