5 DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas for More Natural View

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Wood is still the leading choice for making containers for growing ornamental plants at home. Many people like wood because it is natural, durable, and cheaper. You can realize the planter box ideas by following this article.

Unique Planter Box Ideas

You can have the best planter box of wood by choosing from the following ideas with particular geometric forms.

  1. Hexagon
Image source : prettyplanter.co.uk

People prefer hexagon-shaped wooden boxes since they have unique forms and are suitable for planting ornamental plants.

The hexagon is perfect for you if you have a narrow space since it doesn’t take up much space.

  1. Ladders or Steps
Image source : fbcdn.net

You can develop a wooden planter box idea by making a ladder-shaped box.

For the number of steps, you can adjust the number of plants you want to plant, such as three or five stairs. For placement, you can lean it on the fence or wall of your house.

  1. Pentagon
Image source : shopify.com

You will make a wooden planting box in the shape of a pentagon. This unique planter box idea seems to have a slightly complicated design.

If you can’t make it yourself, it’s best to leave it to a carpenter to do it since the angle size must be accurate with solid construction.

  1. Triangle
Image source : prettyplanter.co.uk

Triangular planter boxes are still less popular among ornamental plant lovers. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to realize this wooden planter box idea.

You can still create without limits by using various colors, sizes, models, and types of wood that you want. Just prove it!

  1. Pyramid
Image source : wonderfuldiy.com

The pyramid is one of the unique planter boxes because its shape is changeable. For example, it will turn into a cone shape when you invert the pyramid.

The advantage of the pyramid shape is you can fill it with many types of plants. Plants grown in pyramids are generally flowers, herbs, ferns, etc.

Are you interested in these geometric-shaped wooden planter box ideas? Decorate your home with plants to make it feel cool and fresh.

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