5 DIY Plant Stands Ideas to Brighten Up Your Living Space

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While plant stands in the market seem promising, you can create your DIY plant stands and add your twists into them. Check out these neat and unique ideas.

5 Fun DIY Plant Stand Ideas 

These designs are the most elegant yet most uncomplicated to make for your plant stands. Check out the recommendations!

  1. Hanging Plant Stand
Image source : placeofmytaste.com

To create this kind of plant stand, you need to prepare a wooden block of any shape and a macrame to hang the wood. This DIY plant stands indoor will elevate the overall look of your living space.

  1. Mid-Century Modern Wooden Plant Stand
Image source : ubuy.co.id

Got any solid wooden material? This sturdy-looking four-legged plant stand might spark your interest. The material gives a touch of natural vibes. Moreover, you can put any vase size onto its surface for its large diameter.

  1. Ladder Plant Stand
Image source : themerrythought.com

Do you want to save some space for your plant collection? The ladder design is the perfect fit for your needs. You can adjust the number of pine boards used along with their height to place your desired plants.  This piece is suitable for both DIY plant stand outdoor and indoor.

  1. Scrap-Wood Based Tiered Plant Stand
Image source : eccang.com

The tiered plant stand is a multileveled stand with limited space for each part. You can set the oblique and height level according to your likings. It performs best as a decorative piece for your indoor room. Such a simple yet elegant design!

  1. Wheeled Plant Stand
Image source: lovelyindeed.com

Put together a wooden board and another crossed-wooden piece as the legs. After that, you can easily install wheels for its four legs, and you can roll them anywhere you like. This design is suitable for plants that need an adequate amount of direct sunlight every once in a while.

With those five DIY plant stands designs, you can cut your budget, put your ideas to the table, and the plant stands of your dream will come true!

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