5 Cheap DIY Garden Path Ideas for Stylish Walkway

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Are you dreaming of having an artistic-looking gardenscape walkway, but need to save your budget to make it come true? You are going to be delighted reading these cheap DIY garden path ideas.

5 Affordable Garden Path Inspiration

Forget pavers or concrete, these 5 fabulous yet inexpensive options for your walkway have their charms as well. We call these walkways on a budget!

  1. Wood Chips Garden Path
Image source : futurecdn.net

Usually, wood chips cost less than bricks or pavers. Besides cutting quite a lot of budget, it also creates a more natural and forestry-looking garden. All you need to do is level up the ground beneath and sprinkle the wood chips evenly.

  1. Reclaimed Bricks Garden Path
Image source : futurecdn.net
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Your garden path does not always have to be fully covered. In fact, if you arrange reclaimed bricks into some patterns along the way. You can either add wood chips for the rest of the uncovered part of the ground or just simply leave it to nature to fill.

  1. Gravel Garden Path
Image source : unsplash.com
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While some types of gravel might be expensive, you can always turn to cheaper alternatives. Pea rock, crushed gravel, and crushed limestone are affordable options. These materials don’t need to be maintained too often, so you will save both of your money and time.

  1. Stepping-stone Garden Path
Image source : familyhandyman.com

It is one of the most effortless alternatives to create a walkway in your garden. The stones are placed one by one at a certain distance to make a path according to your desired shape. You can adjust the size to your likings. Also, you can leave it as it is to give a natural finish, or you can also paint it to make your garden more colorful.

  1. Stone-edged Garden Path
Image source : familyhandyman.com

Instead of having the path furnished, you can decorate both edge parts with stones and leave the pathway as it is. It will create a more casual and earthy landscape.Those are the cheap DIY garden path ideas for your gardenscape. Which one is your favorite?

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